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System Tray Cleaner  v.2.0

System Tray Cleaner is a simple tool which helps you quickly and easily remove unwanted icons from your Windows system tray.

Windows System Tray Disabler  v.1.0

Windows System Tray Disabler is a small, simple piece of software specially designed to help you disable your system tray icons that are showing on your Windows taskbar. Things are kept as easy as posible: you just open the app and select the action

Adsense Earning System tray Tracker  v.1.2

A tool that allows you to track your adsense earnings in system tray area

Stardate System Tray  v.1.5

Stardate System Tray is a desktop widget which displays the current stardate (and other chronologies) in a tray icon. Suitable for any platform with Java 6 or

World Time System Tray  v.1.4

A system tray widget which shows the current date/time in multiple time zones. It also allows the user to display "what time is it in XXX if its this time in YYY". Available for any Java 6 (or better)

STADS - System Tray Audio Device Switcher  v.1.01

Switch your default sound card easily from the system tray

Remove Windows Security Center System Tray Icon  v.1.0

There maybe times you don't wish to have windows annoying the living crap out of you when you turn off windows updates or anything else the security center complains about.

Tray Pilot Lite  v.1.10

Tray Pilot allows you to hide the System Tray icons. Just click a small button to the right of the System Tray, - your System Tray will hide and space for the taskbar buttons will be expanded.

AppAway  v.1.0

AppAway is the easiest way to hide any program. The program will not appear on the screen, in the taskbar or when you alt+tab.AppAway is EASY. Just drag the AppAway icon from the system tray onto the software you want to hide. It doesn't get much

TrayScript  v.

TrayScript allows you to run batch file style scripts from the System Tray. Categorise your scripts and build new scripts quickly and easily.

JRSSTray  v.0.5

Monitors RSS news feeds and displays new items in the system tray.

Drive tray Manipulator  v.1.0

Open and close your cd/dvd doors easily with just a click of an icon. What makes this program different is that it does not run at startup or in your system tray. Just click the icons to open or close drives. No system resource taken up!

Click Tray Calendar  v.2.58

It is a user-friendly calendar, address, and reminder program that can be accessed quickly from the Windows system tray. You can create almost unlimited notes, enter repetitive tasks, create To Do lists, and set alarms. It also has a practical fiscal

Shortcuts To Tray  v.1.0.2

Shortcuts To Tray is a tool for quick access to your favorite links and shortcuts from the system tray. The program keeps your favorite links and shortcuts to files, folders, applications, Internet and network resources, command lines, system

Move to Tray Any Window Software  v.1.0

Move to Tray Any Window Software - This is a free desktop enhancement utility used to move any window to the system tray (the bottom right corner of the screen, near clock). To move a window to the system tray - simply click right mouse button on

4t Tray Minimizer Free  v.4.2

4t Tray Minimizer lets you running applications minimized as System Tray icons. The System tray icons can be hidden to let you easily read the buttons on your taskbar. Also you can customize the favorites with special hidding behavior and launch key.

Thunderbird-Tray  v.1.2

Thunderbird-Tray ist ein Tool, das es erlaubt, Mozilla Thunderbird in den System-Tray zu minimieren und von dort zu starten. Es versteckt das Thunderbird-Fenster bei einem Klick auf das Tray-Icon und ?ffnet es wieder wenn erneut geklickt wird.

Tray Dictionary  v.1.1

Tray Dictionary is a free desktop English-English dictionary tool. It stays in system tray and is ready to look up word all the time. The search of word can start instantly by one click on its icon. It requires Internet connection to utilize Encarta

CD Tray Pal  v.1.0.56

Emsa CD Tray Pal is a handy utility that acts as a CD-ROM Drive control menu. It runs in the system tray and makes opening/closing CD door easier than ever, even on multiple CD-ROM drives!Features:- Autorun at system startup- Runs as system tray

4t Tray Minimizer  v.4.40

4t Tray Mimimizer lets you run applications minimized as System Tray icons, which helps free up space on your taskbar. To minimize an application to the task bar, simply left click the minimize button as usual or press keyboard shortcut. You can

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